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The Artist:

"Fanny Y. Cory --By Herself" was how The Critic magazine captioned this self-portrait in its July 1900 issue.

Fanny Young Cory was born in 1877 and in 1895 an 18 year-old Miss Cory attended the Metropolitan school of Fine Arts in New York City. By the turn of the century, she was one of the best known illustrators in the country. She did covers and illustration for St. Nicholas, Life, Scribner's, Century, Harper's Bazaar and The Saturday Evening Post. She also illustrated many books including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1902) by Lewis Carrol, and several books by Frank L. Baum, author of The Wizard of OZ. Who's Who of American Women listed F.Y. Cory in their First Edition, Volume One.

Fanny Y. Cory, after marrying Fred Cooney in 1904, resided on a ranch near Helena, Montana, while raising their three children. In the mid 1920s she moved into newspaper cartooning and by 1936, King Features Syndicate carried both her famous "Sonnysayings" and her "Little Miss Muffet" strip in newspapers throughout the country. She was listed in King Features' Famous Artists and Writers. As a diversion during this period of the late 1920s and early 1930s, Fanny Y. Cory painted in watercolor what she considered her finest work. We now call this collection the "Fairy Series" of which these reproductions are a part.

In addition to her other accomplishments, the popularity of her work led to the publishing of several books of her own and in 1951, Fanny Y. Cory was named "Mother of the Year" for the State of Montana. Soon afterwards she moved to Camano Island, Washington where she continued her cartooning career with King Features Syndicate until she retired in 1956 at the age of 79. This was after a 36-year run of "Sonnysayings" and a 20-year run of "Little Miss Muffet". The original watercolors in the "Fairy Series" were painted over 60 years ago and remained in the artist's private collection, unpublished until recently.

The Book Brand New And From The Publisher’s Final Production Run:

New Pricing Structure: I am pleased to announce that The Fairy Alphabet book by F.Y. Cory is still available and you can now order it from us on line and we will provide free shipping via the US Post Office! We also now have quantity discounts. The new pricing structure is $14.95 for a one book order, $13.95 per book for a 2 to 4 book order and for a 5 or more book order the price per book is only $12.95. It is an exquisite full color alphabet book with 26 full-page fairy alphabet designs complimented by Fanny Y. Cory's own whimsical rhymes for each letter of the alphabet. This is a quality, 9" x 11-3/8" hard-bound book that adults will love and that children will want read to them and that they will want to read over and over again to themselves. This book will become a cherished treasure in the lives of the people who are fortunate enough to own it.

The History:

Minneapolis Tribune - 1904 “THE ROMANTIC MARRIAGE OF F.Y. CORY”:  This syndicated article, as it appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune, May 1, 1904 on page 4.  The accompanying photos could not be provided because of the poor quality of the microfiche prints. The article begins as: “News of the culmination of a delightful romance comes from Montana. Of course, that means the marriage of the hero and heroine. In this case the heroine is especially distinguished by reason of the extent to which she has endeared herself to many thousands who have never seen her. And the romance is a welcome relief from the usual article supplied by this sedate and uneventful age, being of the good old-fashioned kind, in which the hero rescues the heroine from the very brink of death.

            In short, this heroine is none other than Fanny Y. Cory, whose characteristic pictures of children and child life have delighted magazine readers for the last half dozen years. The charming pictures on this page from the pen of Miss Cory are from the recent files of Harper's Bazaar, and many of them were drawn to illustrate ''The Memoirs of a Baby," a delightful volume just issued by Harper & Brothers. Enjoy this epic tale of a talented, unbroken spirit in the body of a tiny lady who would not be denied --not by entrenched New York editors nor by a young and wild Montana frontier!”


The Indianapolis Sunday Star – March 30th, 1930 - Feature Article: This full-page article tells the remarkable story of Fanny Young Cory’s second national career --this time as a lady cartoonist for King Features Syndicate while being a Montana ranch wife and mother of three kids --in story, photos and cartoon drawings.

The Indianapolis Sunday Star – picture portion of the article.

The Indianapolis Sunday Star – story portion of the article.

FANNY’S WORLD – The Life and Art of Fanny Y. Cory (Cooney) from MONTANA MAGAZINE 1988:  In the May-June issue of Montana Magazine, the article “Fanny’s World –The Life and Art of Fanny Cory Cooney” was written by Dave Walter. This is another wonderful story featuring photos, F.Y. Cory art, illustrations and cartoons.

F.Y. Cory Is One Of The MONTANANS OF THE CENTURY – Dec 19, 1999:  In 1999 F.Y. Cory is featured as one of the most influential Montanans of the 20th Century and here is the article featuring her in the honorary “Montanans of the Century” Centennial Publication.

GROWING UP –On a Montana ranch with pioneer artist F.Y. Cory:  Short, revealing sketches of growing up with the pioneer woman illustrator, cartoonist, wife and mother on a Montana ranch. The stories were penned by F.Y. Cory’s daughter, Sayre Dodgson --except for the last story which was written by F.Y. Cory herself while 91 years old. There are photos and a wonderful corral watercolor painted by F.Y. Cory.

MONTANA MAGAZINE 1980:  In the summer of 1980, Montana "The Magazine of Western History", did a cover and 16 pages on Fanny Young Cory. Bob Cooney, a legendary story-teller, cowboy, forester and son of F.Y. Cory wrote the narrative. He had some help from Sayre Dodgson, his sister and the daughter of F.Y. Cory. Enjoy this epic tale of a talented, unbroken spirit in the body of a tiny lady who would not be denied --not by entrenched New York editors nor by a young and wild Montana frontier!

THE BAUM BUGLE - including a partial list of books illustrated by F.Y. Cory:  This reprinted article by Douglas Green from the Spring, 1973 Baum Bugle features information on F.Y. Cory who illustrated several of Frank L. Baum’s books. It features illustrations and photos from the original article. Of special interest to F.Y. Cory devotes is a partial but long checklist of the books that she illustrated.

The Shows:


The Montana Historical Society has on loan in its possession and has featured the art of F.Y. Cory in periodic shows at their museum in Helena, MT. F.Y. Cory is also featured in a niche under the Montana State Capitol Rotunda in Helena. So, if you are in Helena during one of these occasional F.Y. Cory displays, you will have a rare chance to see the original Fairy Alphabet paintings along with other F.Y. Cory originals.

This page was created by Fanny Young Cory’s grandson –Bob Dodgson

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