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The Fairy Alphabet

By Fanny Y. Cory

Copyright © 2011 by F.Y. Cory Publishers, Inc.

Published by Riverbend Publishing, Helena, Montana

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The Fairy Alphabet FY Cory Fairy Ariel Book Cover
The Front Cover
The Fairy Alphabet FY Cory Fairy-Chipmunk Back Cover
The Back Cover
FY Cory Fairy Queen Bower Book

The "Q" Book Page With Queen

F Y Cory Fairy Snow Storm Book

The "F" Book Page With Fairy

Each Book

Queen of Montana Beach

By Toni McCarty

The Book Cover
The Back Cover

This great new book about Fanny Y. Cory (Cooney) is now available from the publisher (Sunnyshore Studio). Toni McCarty's research and great writing style reveal the story of Fanny Cory as it has not been available until now. This book is paper back and sells for only $16.65.

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